Words are what I do best. I use them to engage, educate and entertain on behalf of clients who want to communicate with power and precision.

Like my esteemed Blue Chip colleagues, I’ve a colourful background as a journalist. Years spent working in TV and radio as a foreign correspondent for the BBC have given me a lifetime’s worth of (only mildly exaggerated) tales of derring-do in some dubious places.

But they’ve also taught me to cut through the noise and connect with the audience - to deliver a clear, concise message that people will retain.

These days it’s my clients who are the stars of the show. But whether I’m helping them tell their story in a broadcast quality video, a podcast or a thought-provoking opinion piece, my content always has the power to persuade and delight.

And that’s what Blue Chip does best.

By the time I arrived on Earth in the early 80s it was five-and-a-half centuries since my ancestor Gilles de Rais – one of the worst mass murderers in history – had been executed (true story). It was time to give something back so I became a Fleet Street hack.

Having paid this debt to society at the Sunday Mirror, The People, Evening Standard, Mail and The Sun, and just in time to dodge the post-truth age (which ironically doesn’t exist), I decided to find out what else life had to offer.

Favourite hobbies include commuting and eating. Oh and I like making conference calls in fields. How can you think straight with all that furniture?

Truth is I still get a thrill out of finding a good story and I’m delighted to have stumbled over Dominic who has assembled a crack team of ex-journalists and bright sparks to wreak multi-media havoc in a world where, thankfully, the story is still king.

Like every journalist, my career began with a master’s degree in mechanical engineering. Countless hours of calculus, fluid mechanics and designing bolts convinced me to retrain as a reporter. After four years at local and regional papers I found myself in my dream job: writing headlines for The Sun, a role I enjoyed for 13 years.

Writing tabloid headlines is the purest form of storytelling there is. You have two words, sometimes one, to convey to readers what a story is about and whether it is worth reading. Fail to grab them, and they move past to the next tale. Write a great page one headline and you’ll sell more newspapers.

Good writing is all about the story. We’re here to create content that tells the story of you and your business. 

End of story.

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